Welcome to My New Experiment

Hello, and welcome to the internet’s newest personal blog.

I’m your host, Val, and I’ll be sharing a lot of different things with you in my upcoming posts.

For starters, I’m really into trying new things. My everyday life is relatively mundane: work, eat, sleep, repeat. In my spare time, though, I explore a ridiculously huge range of topics, hobbies and activities.

Just some of the things I’ve tried my hand at are learning to play the piano, write poetry, and take landscape photographs. I’ve also volunteered to help maintain hiking trails in my part of the country, participated in historical reenactments, and visited over 40 of the 50 United States.

Along with all of this, I also can be very particular when it comes to spending money, and will often do detailed research before buying something. Any helpful tips or suggestions I come up with during this process will also be shared here.

Thanks for visiting Val’s Muses and Views, and we’ll see you again soon!